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I've never interviewed a guest who went to sleep


Trailer Town USA

What's more of a disaster? These trailers sitting in Hope Arkansas, waiting for a disaster to occur, or is it a disaster these trailers are just sitting here soon to rot, before another disaster, based on HomeLand Security's definition. There's more

Hillary's Baggage

Is Senator Hillary Clinton still carrying around excess baggage? She has slim down somewhat around the waistline, but she's also not carrying the same political baggage her democratic friends on capital hill were so afraid of.

Last year (2006) when this story was released many on capital hill feared that her early front-runner attempt might drag the party down to defeat. Read the original story


Who's This ChickIndian Girl

In 2004 she was voted the most beautiful woman in the world? Hint! She was born in India.

This image was hand painted using the powerful Macromedia Fireworks, limited to 128 colors

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O'Malleys Place

OMalley's Place, where three female convicts hid from the law while Omally visited Detroit.

Stay On The Alert: Unless you frequent the same restaurants on a weekly basis (and a lot of us do not) and have come to know or recognize the personnel, then be aware of who you're offering your credit or debit card to. Large scaled restaurants and some smaller ones have never been known to maintain consistent long term, reliable, and honest employees. The people who are usually entrusted with your finances.

A lot of identity theft and credit card fraud originates from these types of venues. A number of personnel spread across many restaurants are in possession of pocket scanners like the Model DC2006 shown above. These scanners provide the same private information to thief's that ATM and Retailers need to extend you credit or cash. And it's not going to stop, because the scanners are essentially legal.

Stealing your information is quick and simple, the thief above picks up one of the cards lying on the table along with the finished plates and silverware. He pretends to be wiping the card dry after tipping one of the glasses of liquid onto the table, but he was actually scanning the card while it was out of site of the three ladies. One of the ladies saw what he did, but doesn't know what he did. The scanner works like a portable thumb drive, storing your data in memory which can later be downloading into a computer and then onto a blank card, that looks identical to yours. You've just got scanned.

Retailers play a big role in ID theft.

Bucket of BusinessThe normal routines performed by the average worker in most businesses where you shop create a significant amount of opportunities for identity theft.

A lot if not all retailers, store all it's customer's data, including credit-card account information in the same wireless system used to monitor inventory. These systems are usually unencrypted and are accessible to all, through one user ID and password.

It has been noted that at several companies, employees following or not following their assignments, just stack reams of documents containing personal data on top or beside shredders because the shredders bag is full. This is a result of some lazy incompetent who failed to hang around and complete his/her assignments. It happens all the time.

Once upon a time, credit card fraud and identity theft was thought to be the domain of low-life thieves who stalked neighborhood mailboxes and garbage cans looking for social security checks, credit card bills and credit card offers. Not any more.

What has become more frightening according to investigators is the wealth of personal data hijacked from U.S companies. Tom Arnold, a partner with PSC, a consultant firm that secures merchants' payment systems says these companies are not passing the grade and if this was school they would be failing. PSC gives each merchant it secures an initial security score. "The average first time out is around 52 percent," he said.

Last year, the ID Theft Resource Center, a non-profit advocacy and research group reported that companies and public agencies have announced 110 cases of stolen or lost data potentially affecting 56.3 Million people. WOW! You could be next and it could happen at the places where you do most of your business.

 No one really knows how much fraud results from data breaches and no one knows how much identity theft is the results of businesses very slack security efforts and most consumers have no clue how scammers steal their information. Master Card International (MCI) reported data breaches lead to about 6 percent of the credit card fraud it encounters. Chris Thom, Chief Risk Officer at MCI in Purchase, New York said the bigger problem lies in the more traditional scams - such as credit card skimmers used by restaurant employees or at ATM, plus lost and stolen cards.

More than approximately 10 million American are hit each year with credit card fraud and identity theft. According to a 2003 FTC survey, that ends up costing you, the consumer $5 billion and US Business a whopping $50 billion . Do these businesses have any stature at all and where are the managers? Hell, forget where they are, you're fired. It's a sure bet employees will circumvent policies and procedures, it happens in almost all businesses across America. There are statutory requirements to protect consumer information and every business has a stated policy and it's the company's responsibility to enforce it.

Companies acquire your data from many sources: Applications, Sweepstakes, any form you may fill out and of course the Internet. They in turn sell your data to anyone else whose willing to pay for it sometimes without verifying the legitimacy of those business customers. BEWARE!. Retailers may perpetuate Identity Theft.

Theatre Etiquette

What is your Problem Dammit! This is a Movie Theatre in case you didn't know.

David Can't believe Muhammad Ali is asleep

Well I've NeverFrost was really played here by Ali. He really thought Muhammed had fallen asleep in the middle of an interview. Thirty odd years ago, Muhammed Ali was known as someone else and I did not care too much for him, I was a teenager then, but I still thought he was a bragger with a big mouth. Something happened to him and to me that changed the thoughts I had of Ali, which eventually developed into a strong admiration for the champ.To read more Click Here

The Black couple sitting there didn't do this, Trust me.

What do I do Now?

David Frost; bewildered, turns with his mouth still open and looks at his producer and camera man and wonders if they should stop the the tapes' roll. They looked just as bewildered as David. They continued to roll tape and a few seconds later, Ali opens his eyes' and says to David "Got you". Only then did you see a sigh of relief on David's face. He took the bait, Hook, Line and Sinker.

Okay! Enough is Enough! Hang up the dammed phone, turn it off or get the hell out of my theatre.This is my time I'm paying for and it's costing me more each year. More and more ungrateful bastards, stink up the movie theatres each year with their cell phone addictions. However, the movie theatres more than likely, contribute to this behavior by subjecting you to a minimum of twenty minutes of unsolicited commercials. Who's teaching who?More on this Story

Would You Not be Pissed


There are already a lot of people in America who say a lot of bad things about our beloved government. Most of the time, it's hard to disagree with their assessment, and as usual, there is absolutely no excuse for the Department of Defense's latest screw up. More on this Story






Muhammad Ali Playing a Game With David FrostHey Dawg! Wake up!Ali still remains witty despite his affliction. Here, he pretends to be asleep while being interviewed on a TV Talk Show with David Frost.



















Will Witherspoon #54 WLB for the Carolina Panthers has left and is now employed by the St. Louis Rams. The Panther's front office has made a very big mistake. This defensive line backer was responsible for a great deal of the Panthers' defensive success.


Morgan! How are you Sir? Nice job under the direction of Mr. Eastwood









HeadlinesRush LimbaughRush Limbaugh makes his living through talking, commentaries, and opinions, so he runs his mouth a lot. But when he started ranting about Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles, he went a little to far, so much so that it got him fired. Read the full story..




October 16, 2007

Terrell OwensThere have been at least a couple of NFL teams rumored to possibly be interested in Terrell Owen playing football for them next season. Both the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys are on the rumor list. There may be others during the off season. We will wait and see. No matter if the rumors are true or not, No team will give him a long term contract (one year at the most) for fear of his possibilities of dismantling their team as he did the Philadelphia Eagles. We'll Keep our eyes' open.



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About midway through the NFL season, we thought Fred Smoot would win the Toasted Cornerback of the Season Award, but we decided, it goes instead, to Nate Clements (The Playmaker) some know him as (Lockdown Nate) . Fred Smoot is runner up.

Fred Smoot on the Platter

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WalmartLook! We've being stomping the competition for so long with the help of our high powered CEO,top executives and expensive lawyers, that stepping on the Dept of Revenue is like stealing the sugar from a kids' lemonade stand and leaving just the lemons. Before they realizes what happened, we've left them in the dust.We've got more...