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This amazing product is designed to change the composition of most ridged materials that are organic in nature into a flexible, rubberized product, while retaining the memory of it's initial form in looks and feel.

The atoms in items treated with Asorbutek expand at a rapid rate when triggered by high impact forces, such as a kicked door or certain collisions, and in milliseconds, contracts back to it's initial form creating a natural shock absorber.













Stupid Criminals

All crimes and criminals are stupid, But this page is dedicated to those unfortunate people who are so intellectually challenged, they make ordinary criminals seem normal. Because of you and your inevitable demise from society, you help to raise the gene pool for the rest of us to higher levels. "You Dumb ass"

North Carolina woman complains of 'bad crack' to a deputy sheriff and gets arrested. WRAW News Service

This story begins in Hawthorne Florida. Sometime during mid December 2006, a fifty year old North Carolina women, Eloise D. Reaves, feeling that she had just got ripped off when she copped a rock of crack cocaine from a street dealer spotted a Putnam county Sheriff deputy parked at a convenience store.

Crack Lady Sence1

She approaches the Sheriff's vehicle with the intentions in mind to drop a dime on the person who sold her the bad crack.

Eloise had decided the bad crack was nothing more than wax, mixed with cocaine.

She expressed her concerns to the deputy about being sold bad crack.

Realizing that there was an idiot standing before him, the Deputy asked Eloise several questions that if answered would be incriminating.

Still not believing that this woman was serious, the deputy asked Eloise for the dope. She removes the alleged crack rock from her mouth and places it on the deputy's car for inspection.

The deputy bewildered, looks at the rock, then looks at Eloise and finally says, Ma'am, we'll have to run test on this rock and if it tests positive for cocaine, you'll be arrested.

The crack rock was found to be positive and Eloise was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with her bond set for $1,504.

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