Cornerbacks and Safeties Endangered List:

If you are a defensive line backer who plays football in the NFL and you continuously adhere to the requirements set forth by ExpressedDecisions in regards to Toasted Cornerbacks, then rest assure; You will become an endangered species on our Endanger List and pink slips are more than likely already in the process of being printed for your extinction. And now! The Endangered List.

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Toasted Cornerback 05-06 Season

Week 14 Update - Toasted Cornerbacks

Toasted cornerbacks for week 14 are Patrick Surtain and Greg Wesley of Kansas City , and Rashad Mathis of Jacksonville .

Greensboro - Cornerback, Patrick Surtain, one of the NFL's most experienced defensive player, made so many mistakes in Sundays' game, he does not know which one was responsible for the Kansas City Chief's (31-28) loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

The biggest one that will probably be Tivo'ed the most is obviously the most embarrassing one. Snap off the center went to Drew Bledsoe who turned and handed the ball to Marion Barber, who kindly flea flickered it back to Drew. This play action fake was all that was necessary to convince Surtain that it was a run attempt.

Surtain hesitated, just enough to lose his coverage on Terry Glenn, who obviously knew the playbook and continued running down the field, wide-open, making it easy for Bledsoe to connect to his receiver for a 71 yard touchdown. Down 14-3, the touchdown was all that Dallas needed in the second quarter to get fired up. Dude! you got seriously toasted.

Patrick Surtain had an extrordinary opportunity in the fourth quarter and blew it. He was in the right place at the right time for a ball that bounced off the hands of Dallas 's Tightend Dan Campbell; right into his hands and he dropped it, with the open field ahead of him, this might have been a touchdown. We here at ExpressedDecisions.com believe that if Cornerbacks can catch the ball, they may also make good wide receivers.

"We had to play real aggressive offensively to have a chance to beat these guys," Dallas coach Bill Parcells said. "Their offense is the strongest one we've seen this year. We had trouble with them, and I thought we would, so we tried to match them as best we could."I don't think we had a choice. I knew they were going to be tough to stop. I knew we were going to have to get some points. It's a matter of doing what we've got to do."

Chris Gamble was toasted for a 28 yard touchdown. This show stopper from Darrell Jackson - Seattle Seahawks' WR is what lit the match, that eventually lost the game for Carolina.

Seneca Wallace running a slant and go play, made a hard to fool, Ken Lucas, look like a normally toasted cornerback. Ken, you really suprise me.

Ike Taylor LCB-Pittsburgh Steelers was toasted Sunday by Wide Out Ashley Lelie, whom caught a 49 yard pass on his watch.

Rashean MathisLast week, We told you why Peyton Manning is one of the best QB's in the NFL. Film, film, film and the more he watches, the more he knows about his opponents. He watched tapes of the Jacksonville Jaguars' victory over the New York Jets. He particularly focused on Rashean Mathis and determined that under the right circumstances of route running, his wide receiver (Marvin Harrison) might be able to toast Rashean. During the 2nd quarter, Peyton called that route; Marvin ran it and guess what? A 65-yard touchdown pass was the results. Rashean! YOU GOT TOASTED.

Marvin Harrison caught six passes for 137 yards and two TDs'. "I saw [Mathis] make an interception in overtime on an 'out' route the Jets ran," Manning said. "I kind of filed it away. In that situation [on Sunday], we just felt like we might be able to get Mathis, who is a great corner, to bite on the 'out' route, and then have Marvin turn it into a 'stop-and-go' [route] deep. And it worked. I just told [ Harrison ], 'Pump it and then go by him.' And that's what we did."




1. The Dallas Cowboys in 2006 drafted Pat Watkins for their fifth round pick. What got him there was his athletic abilities and dynamic performance as a safety at Florida State University as well as 13 interceptions in 49 consecutive games played with the Seminoles, and one of the top special teams coverage player. WHAT HAPPEN?

2. Seattle SeaHawks - Michael Boulware's has some impressive stats, but that has not stopped him from making this endangered lists. Here's what he's done so far: Last year as a strong safety, he started all 16 games of the regular season and led the team with four interceptions. He was second place on the team with 73 tackles and 2.0 sacks. He had a career-high of 10 tackles against the Tennessee Titans. He started all three post season games enforcing 13 tackles and two interceptions. One of those interceptions may have been responsible for the Carolina Panthers losing the NFC Championship and the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL.But it doesn't end there.

In the year 2004, he had the best season ever played by a rookie as a Seahawk defensive player. With 53 tackles, five interceptions, one sack, and a forced fumble, he beat the club record for the most interceptions(5) in the history of the club. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!

3. The Philadelphia Eagles wasted no time in acquiring Michael Lewis in a 2nd round draft pick in 2002. Lewis, who ranked 2nd on the team in 2005 became the primary signal caller on defense racking up a career high 141 tackles. This Strong Safety lead the team with 47 tackles through the first four games. Michael Lewis, a Pro Bowler, in three years has 402 tackles, making him the leader of all Philadelphia defenders. You've been TOASTED.

4. The Miami Dolphins have Travares Tillman this season, but will it be his last. Based on historical facts he may be the first to exit the 'Endanger List' and sent home to work for the marketing company "Red Zone Sports Group" he started in 2005 and based in Atlanta GA. The Buffalo Bills drafted Tillman in the second round in the year 2000 and waived his butt in the same year. The Houston Texans picked him up on January 14, 2003 and dropped him eight months later like a hot potato. Hmm. The Carolina Panthers picked him up a day later and suddenly realized , "What the hell were we thinking" So they got rid of him too. Boy, you've been FRIED! Bye! Bye!

5. Released by the Greenbay Packers in early October 2006, first round draft pick Ahmad Carroll now plays for the Jacksonville Jaquars as of November 10, 2006. You were toasted so bad, playing against the Philadelphia Eagles you made the front page of ExpressedDecisions.com and lost your job after that.

When Cornerbacks can no longer cover Tight Ends and Wide Receivers or prevent scoring in the inzone, they lose their job, and it seems to be happening more frequently in today's NFL. Those that can defend, play, those that cannot, are benched. Some are released and go on to play for other teams, but if they don't leave their sorry deficiencies with the last team they played for, well it's just a matter of time before they are back on the streets. So look here for those players who are only a French Fry away from being coached by Mickey D. We have the edge.


Football Marquee

What's happened to NFL Football in the 20th Century? Not only do defensive players miss hard hitting tackles they should lock down, they end up kissing, hugging and patting each other on the butt when the game is over. (This is obviously a demonstration of very, very good sportsmanship.) Have they gone soft? Are there other reason? Expressed Decisions will explore this anomaly to determine if friends, in-laws and buddies in professional football just can't separate business from pleasure, and just hate to jack-up their friends, or are they too, beginning to become endangered for lack of consistent performance in their position. Bookmark this page if you want to know.

Designer's Choice





Quarterbacks on the offense have to be smart and fast thinking enough to get the football to their receivers who may/may not be running routes according to plan. Cornerbacks (Quarterbacks of the defense) have to figure out all the possible routes the receiver can run efffectively and then get there to intercept, defend/block or tackle the receiver.

There are several defensive positions on a football team. The defensive linebackers try and stop the run (RB's) and at the same time, sack or prevent the QB from throwing the ball down the field, if the linebackers fail at achieving this, then it's the defensive linebackers job to secure the missed tackles, cover the wide receivers and prevent the reception .

Defensive linebackers positions consist of nickels, safeties and corners with the corners/safeties usually being the last ditch effort to prevent the first and ten or worse the touchdown. These guys are called the secondaries.

But beware, these guys are by no means secondary players, as a matter of fact, they are the one's the fans and coaches are counting on to stop the touch down play.

What makes a Great Cornerback in the NFL? A Great Cornerback is one who can not only tackle the receiver after the reception, but can block the catch before it ever happens. It's a bonus when your Cornerback is consistent enough to steal the ball for an interception and turn the game over to his offense.

Cornerbacks must be fast and athletic, the bigger their physical size, in terms of height the better, and most of all they should be intelligent. They are highly depended upon. Only a few cornerbacks in the NFL posses all these attributes. Those lacking enough of these attributes seem to consistently get toasted if not scorched. Just to name a few.

Cornerback Criterion

Established criteria for Toasted Cornerback: (A) You must give up a 35 yard bomb from the QB targeted to any receiver in your territory and the receiver scores. (B) You have been determined by the Offensive Coordinator or the QB to be the weak side defense and the QB repeatably targets your territory with completed passes all day long, which will eventually lead to a touchdown.

Week 13 Update

Toasted Cornerbacks
RW McQuarters on Sunday gave up an 80 yard td pass when Minnesota 's quarterback, Brad Johnson launched a bomb into RW McQuarters territory. Koren Robinson appeared in that territory just about two steps ahead of RW and caught the pass for an 80-yard reception, leading to a touchdown.

OKAY, So now RW McQuarters cornerback skills were tested, it was now time for Dre Bly to be tested by Brad Johnson. Another bomb was launched by the QB on the first play of the second quarter, with Koren Robinson designated as ground zero and Dre Bly on the cover. The bomb was airborne for 45 yards hitting ground zero and literally obliterating the Cornerback and giving the Vikings their second touchdown. Dre Bly, YOU GOT TOASTED!
Nate (Lockdown) Clements
We had previously covered Nate located elsewhere on this page, when he was toasted by the Chicago Bears. Things have not changed much for this Cornerback, because in the Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins, Chris Chambers was in his face all day long, repeatedly scorching him. Chambers ended up with 15 catches and 238 yards, a team record.

The Dolphins negotiated a 20-point fourth-quarter comeback with a four yard touchdown pass to Chambers, orchestrated by Sage Rosenfels with only six seconds of play remaining. The Media wanted to know where Nate was and why he was not on the cover. The Media asked; were you out of the game? Nate's response was, "No, I wasn't out of the game," Clements said. "It was a no-huddle situation and the previous play; he lined up to the (defense's) right side and motioned back. The next play was a no-huddle, so he went out to the
left and I was already on the right side." Then Clements' started tripping. "I'll go up against anybody. So don't try to play me like, "Where were you?' I don't care. I compete when I'm out there. I go 100 percent. So don't try to pressure me like I was
scared to go up against him the last play. I've been going up against him since I've been in this league."

Whatever Nate, If and when you make it onto Expressed Decisions' Toasted Cornerbacks' list, your market value (possibly in the millions) in free agency has already begun to slip. We choose our failing Cornerbacks wisely. You as a Cornerback, who has boasted 'The Playmaker' and/or 'Lockdown corner' signatures, cannot allow a wide receiver to be wide open down the middle, even if it is Chris Chambers. Nate read elsewhere on this page, what we consider the requirements for the best Cornerbacks, and then work on your weaknesses.

Week 11 Update

Toasted NFL Cornerbacks for Week 11 are the Buffalo Bill's Nate Clements and the Carolina Panthers Chris Gamble, as well as the Bengals and the Ravens secondary.   Nate and Chris will have a chance to redeem themselves on Thanksgiving weekend. If Nate can cover Steve Smith which is doubtful, he might not have to worry too much about his bank account. The same goes for Gamble who will more than likely be paired with Lee Evans or Eric Moulds.

Earlier in the Season

Jason David of the Indianapolis Colts, 2nd year veteran was fried on Monday Night by Kevin Curtis of the Rams who left him in the dust by more than 20 yards for a 57 yard TD.

Joey Thomas from Green Bay was beat on a routine 3 yard pass catch for 76 yards and left in the dust. So was Chris Gamble and Ricky Manning. There are many others that will be included in this list as the list develops.

Greensboro Nate (the playmaker) Clements was scorched last Sunday by the San Diego Chargers wide receivers. Nate made the Toasted Cornerback of the week award for not being able to stop two touchdown catches made by Keenan McCardell and Eric Parker in the second quarter of the game.   Nate, who nicknamed himself the Playmaker did not make the plays necessary to stop the 12 points made by the Charger's wide outs, who were all in his face, and making the Bill's best Corner (Playmaker) prove who he says he is. Well, Nate! YOU GOT TOASTED!  

The Charger's offensive line watch Nate Clements blow several pass completions and open field tackles all day long, and decided that the Playmaker was no threat to them, so San Diego took control of the field an beat the Cornerback all day long. Nate! YOU GOT TOASTED!