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At the beginning of the 2005 NFL season, We told you on the Expressed Decisions website about the coaches we had on the hot seat.

This was exclusive to this site and was not pre-reported anywhere else in the media, be it radio, tv, newspaper or internet. We placed the X onto the graphics, to the right (Reality Check) on Oct 19, 2005, just weeks after the announcements of the firing of Steve Mariucci and shortly after, came the news of Michael Martz demise of the head coach of the St. Louis Rams. Are we geniuses? No! We know the sport, we analyze the teams and the games they play and eventually come to the conclusion of where the weakness are.

Steve Mariucci was one of those coaches who was fired last week by the Detroit Lions. We also told you that he is not the only coach who will get the axe this year.

Mike Tice - Fired as Vikings Head Coach - Indicated first before season start, right here on the Coaches on the Hot Seat page.

What makes a good Scout? To find outRead further

Football games are usually won or lost due to the effectiveness or the lack thereof of simple cohesiveness within the team.

InterceptionNFL Show Stoppersspacer

San Diego's CB, Quentin Jammer's Interception stop the Colts undefeated attempt. Colts lose to Chargers 26-17.

Jerome Bettis and the Steelers stole a bit of thunder by knocking the Chiefs out of the playoffs and clinching the AFC spot








Week 12

Penalty honors for this week should go to the New York Giants, who's team playing against the Seattle Seahawks had 11 penalties for 83 yards, with 3:08 minutes left in the first half Read more on this story

Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens: Who in the NFL gets a chance to get a touchdown in the end zone, and an opportunity to putt that scoring football at the same time. No not Tiger! Nobody else but Chad Johnson.

T.O. we'll miss your post scoring celebration, but not for long because Chad Johnson is picking up where you left off.

Brooks Breaking Records   Update! Aaron Brooks has been benched. And probably will not be back.

A QB with the stats that Aaron Brooks has, a club record of 116 touchdown passes, one more than Archie Manning, just doesn't seemed to be getting it done for the New Orleans-Saints. Brooks who threw the football for 343 yards and two scoring passes just could not get the job done for the Saints, failing to get the ball into the end zone in the final minutes to break off the upset of the New England Patriots.  

Despite the decent stats that Aaron Brooks carries around with him along with six straight losses, can the New Orleans Saints ever be a championship team with Brooks under center?

teve Marriuci was fired this weekend by the Detroit Lions, Not surprising since we have had it posted since the beginning of this season.

Is it true? " Why T.O doesn't care about winning or losing, that all he is concern with is entertainment."

The Carolina  Panthers could quite possibly win the championship if Jake Delhomme can stop making the wrong decision in the third quarter of the game. He did not make any dumb decisions in October against the Minnesota Vikings. DeShaun Foster, however, needs a lot more touches than he's getting. Keary Colbert needs to spend more time in practice with Steve Smith and find ways to get open.

Ken Lucus looks good for the Panthers, when he hits you, "you stop," no yards after the catch. The Panthers secondary is getting smarter and are trying to eliminate the Carolina cushion, which is standing 10 or more yards off the receiver, they are getting right in the face of the opposing teams receivers. They need to do that every week to get off the field on 3rd down

San Diego's OLB, Shawne Merriman was all over the field, making sacks on Peyton Manning using other players including his own players to do it. Watch out for this guy next year. He is up and coming.

San Diego's RB Michael Turner really clinched it, with his Touchdown run.




Hot Seat Coaches

Superbowl 40Mental mistakes on key plays can kill a team's ability to score points and win football games.

At first glance, it seemed the Seahawks were well aware of that possibility, but as the game progressed, so did the mistakes on Seattle's behalf, in fact so many mistakes occurred, it cost them the game.

The Steelers on the other hand, has on their roster the most underrated wide receiver in the league, and on Super bowl sunday, it was wide receiver Hines Ward who became the Steelers Crushes the SeahawksMVP for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It is almost always difficult for the opposing team who makes mistakes on key plays to win when Hines Ward is in the running for the prestigious award.

The Seattle Seahawks probably lost as many as 20 unforgiving points, and with the help of Hines Ward, the Pittsburgh Steelers went on to crushed the Seahawks 21-10.

2005 PlayOff Elimination THE FINAL FOUR * * * *

Who's Out? The defending champions (New England) are gone. The team (Indianapolis) who almost went undefeated is gone.

Three of the top rated Quarterbacks (Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, his brother Eli bit the dust as well, and Carson Palmer) are all out.

The big powerful City of Chicago was the last to fall, Lovie Smith, coach of the year went down with it. Two other notable large powerful cities, New York the first, then Washington, crumbled from the strain.

Tony Dungy, the second best coach of the year, did not survive either.

Even the Tampa Bay Bucs, with the best defense in the NFL, broke under pressure.

Who's In? Pittsburgh Steelers, The team who lost three games in a row late in the season. Seattle Seahawks are in but they have not won a playoff game since President Regan was in office..


The Indianapolis Colts may have to restructure Peyton Manning's contract if they want to keep two of their top players, Edgerrin James and Reggie Wayne. As it stands now Peytons contract could effect salary cap. Update!More than likely Peyton's contract was not restructured, because the Colts released Edgerrin James to the Arizona Cardinals.

New York Giants vs Steve Smith

To stop Steve Smith on any given Sunday, you'll need the correct defensive players on coverage. NY prefers positioning their corners, left (Corey Webster) and right (Will Allen) to the field rather than making adjustments on indiviual receivers. They had better change that strategy for a football game against the Carolina Panthers, or Steve Smith will eat Will Allens lunch, especially after Will's struggle to stop the Raider's receiver, Randy Moss and Doug Gabriel, who caught a combined three touchdowns on his watch. Read more on this story

Carolina Panthers and Keary Colbert: Update: Is He a First Round Draft Bust, or Can He Get His Act Together?More on this Story

Concept CarThe waiver wire watch is still officially on for Joey Harrington of the Detroit Lions .
He has not yet redeemed himself of the five interceptions in one game early on in the season.
This team also receives the Herman Edwards award for getting beat in all phases of the game, " Defense, Offense, Specials Teams and Coaching strategy."
It looks as if their playbook has been passed out to all their opposing teams. As of today Wednesday November 9, 2005 coach Steve Mariucci is still on the hot seat.