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Approval Ratings Have Huge Impacts On Re-election Possibilities

"I'll Be Back." The phrase that Arnold Swarzenegger made infamous in the movie "Terminator," does not seem to carry the same weight in his new assignment as governor of California. Arnold 's approval rating has dropped 20 points (down to 37%) in the last few months. At least 40% of Californians think he's doing a lousy job and that stat parallels his predecessor, recall governor, Gray Davis

OOps; What Happen? Well here's the scoop. In January of 2005 Schwarzenegger said he would call a special election, asking voters to base teachers' pay on merit, and to extend their time to tenure. Now you got to know that there is no way this would fly. He wanted more power to cut spending and to convert public pensions to 401(k)-type plans and modify legislative districts. He withdrew the pension plan and downgraded the teachers' initiative after many protests and a media campaign by labor unions. Hey Arnold watch out for the labor union guys, they may be plotting against you.

Arnold Addresses Faculty

Schwarzenegger has had his share of protestors at public events in the last five months by nurses opposing his decision to suspend a new rule increasing the state's nurse-to-patient ratio. He also was forced to scrap his pension plan after protests from police officers and firefighters who said the proposal would eliminate their death benefits.


Schwarzenegger said, ``The protesters or poll numbers have absolutely no impact on what I do because I am very focused, and I shoot for what needs to be done,''  The nurses, public employee labor unions, teachers, police and firefighters all joined together to fund and adapt a media lynching through television advertisements that criticized Schwarzenegger. Not to mention those radical groups with the power that demands respect.

Hydrant in Property Room