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Hillary Clinton

Clinton's baggage may be a concern for the party

WRAW News Service

As the Democrats up on Capital Hill strategize their plans to take over the White House in 2008, many of them fear that the early front-runner, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, carries so much baggage that she might drag the party down to defeat.

Despite the fact she has a large number of supporters and a lot of people admire her, a relative new poll suggest that a majority of registered voters never would vote for her. Another poll shows that a majority of voters don't even want her to run, including a majority of independent voters.

Its still early in the game, and Sen.Hillary Clinton has not committed to running, she is focused on winning her second Senate term next November. But keep in mind, if she does throw her hat into the ring and becomes the front runner for the nominee of the President of the United States and loses, well just think of what the American people will have to endure, another two years of Republican Bullshit.